Editorial Note

Dear Readers, Contributors, and Colleagues,

          We are excited to announce that Volume 28, Issue 3, of the Burapha Science Journal is now available online, covering the period from September to December 2023. In this edition, we have accepted a total of 40 articles, with an overwhelming majority (82.5%) originating from external submissions. Notably, articles in marine science and food science continue to be prominently featured, followed closely by contributions in the fields of environmental science and biological science. While this volume reflects the richness of these fields, we extends a warm invitation to authors across diverse scientific disciplines that align with our scopes to submit their articles for publication.

          We appreciate the dedication and efforts of our contributors, reviewers, and the editorial team in ensuring the quality and breadth of research expertise in this volume. Your commitment is vital to the continued success of the Burapha Science Journal.

          Our journal is committed to elevating its quality and aims to secure inclusion in international databases. Achieving these goals requires support from numerous stakeholders, with a special acknowledgment of the dedicated editorial board. Their enduring patience and love have been pivotal to our progress, and we express sincere appreciation for their invaluable contributions thus far.

          Thank you for being part of the Burapha Science Journal community.


Best regards,

Sutin Kingtong


Burapha Science Journal